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3D Lifting is a fresh, fast absorbing cream containing natural, sophisticated and innovative anti-aging components that will help your skin to regain its firmness and elasticity while effectively reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles.

Ultra Filling Spheres™ effectively help to fill deep wrinkles and expression lines. Argan Oil boosts this cream, and with the help of high levels of Vitamin E, the cream also protects the skin from free radicals. Your skin becomes firmer and smoother with a silky, more youthful appearance.

But hey, don't just listen to what we say. Here's what some of our 3D Lifting customers said about the cream:

"I was lucky enough to test this cream before it launched and used it numerous times. It’s absolutely fantastic and seems to target all my skin needs at once! My skin became incredibly soft and moisturized and both small wrinkles and bigger ones began to disappear the more I used it. I used it daily and the results happened so quickly. I use it as my normal moisturizer cream now and it works as a primer too – making my skin silky smooth. Anyone who is considering Botox but wants to avoid the intrusive needles should try 3D Lifting – they will not be disappointed."

Sara G (age: 25-34)

"This is a cream that really works! It's definitely not ‘just another’ face cream. It tightened my skin, shrunk wrinkles around my eyes and between my eyebrows and some of the creases around my mouth completely disappeared. An incredible cream that I could not do without. Would recommend it highly! Absolutely stunning!"

Kozgah M (age: 25-34)

"Have used many good creams but this beats everything. Got home a few samples of this and thought I may as well try it for a few days. I can honestly say that in three days you will see a clear difference in the lines on your face. I have even cancelled my Botox treatment!"

Ivona M - Recommended to: For women 30 years and older and for those thinking about Botox.

"After seeing Gabriella Elio's post on Instagram I really had to test this serum. Bought the serum through my esthetician and after trying it I wanted to write a review to recommend it to everyone else. I can honestly say in good conscience that I look younger and smoother after one week of use. The product really stands for its name and promises nothing it cannot keep."

Emma Berg (age: 25-34) - Recommended to: Women who need a boost, get rid of wrinkles and get a nice glow

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